Invited by Area Living showroom, Maison Dada Pop-up Exhibition is now open to the public. The two-week-exhibition brings the complete first collection of Maison Dada, including great new creations such as Japanese Abstractions, Yin & Yang chest of drawers. Come to join us!

受全城最酷高端家居买手店Area Living艾瑞亚家居之邀,Maison Dada携首个家具系列带来了为期两周的橱窗展,现已火热开展!除了广受好评的新款地毯、边柜等创意十足的家具,依托漫步云端的梦幻与荒诞,Maison Dada橱窗展的陈设别具特色,充分展现了品牌自身渴望脱离常规束缚的精神。

Address/地址: 1250 Xinzha Road, Shanghai

Exhibition Duration/展览日期: September 10th to 24th

Opening hours/开放时间: 10:00am – 7:00pm