Thomas Dariel, the founder and creative director of Dariel Studio, was discovered by the design guru Giulio Cappellini and became one of the collaboration designers of cappellini. Giulio Cappellini, as one of the most influential figures in the industry at the tail end of the last century also helped to launch the careers of reputable designers Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Marcel Wanders and so on.

When Giulio Cappellini met Thomas Dariel in October 2016, he was impressed by the creative and high quality furniture design he did. He appreciated his bold & playful design style and invited him to work with cappellini immediately.

Below is the short introduction of the furniture pieces Thomas Dariel designed for cappellini.

Thomas Dariel, 作为 Dariel Studio的创始人和设计总监,被意大利设计教父Giulio Cappellini 相中,成为意大利家具大牌cappllini的合作设计师之一。澳洲鬼才Marc Newson,与英国设计师Tom Dixon及Jasper Morrison,日本当红设计师Nendo等人,都是Giulio Cappellini慧眼识英雄,在他们默默无闻时,就洞见了他们的过人才华。

2016年10月,当Giulio Cappellini与Thomas Dariel 首次见面时,相谈甚欢,他 非常欣赏Thomas 率性而大胆的创意风格以及横跨室内设计和家具设计的惊人才华,当即就邀请Thomas与cappellini合作。

以下为Thomas Dariel 为cappellini 设计作品的具体介绍:VALERIA MIRROR 立式镜,Off the moon 托盘,以及 BLUE CANDLEHOLDERS 烛台。