18.09 # 30.09

 621 Changde Rd

@Dariel Studio's Pop-up Gallery

curated by Philippe Staib Gallery

Simon Rulquinpaints and creates in the most unconventional ways. His work, from the series with Chinese ink and bubble machine, to the Swirling series patterned by using floating ink technique to visualize marbleized or astronomy effects, all tries to realize the marvelous imago or impression by leaving regular brushes behind.

As a continuation and further development of his No-Brush concept,his installation HYPERSPACE invites us to investigate the overlap of two creative fields: art and design. They are intrinsically connected as one inspires the other.  Generally speaking, design has a certain particularity and finality. The object has to be aesthetic and useful in daily life, which is not what is usually expected from art.As usually opposed to design, the concept of usefulness is a priori absent in art. However these days more and more artists consider art and life to be one – boundaries are blurred and less perceptible. The “hyperspace” is originally a scientific notion of a theoretical space created to travel at superluminal speed, where a shorter path coupling two points in the galaxy. In this exhibition the voyage becomes an experiment of journey between two concepts of creation: art and design.