Maison Dada is pursuing its creative adventure and will soon unveil its new products at Area Living showroom. A two-weeks pop-up exhibition to present - among other things - our first stunning rug collection.

自今年3月发布之后,Maison Dada新品发布展再度来袭!受艾瑞亚家居(Area Living)之邀,我们将会在艾瑞亚家居展厅开展为期两周的新奇之旅。新品发布展将带来更多家具款型,其中,Maison Dada碰撞东西文化的首个地毯系列也将震撼亮相。


Address/地址: 1250 Xinzha Road, Shanghai

Exhibition Duration/展览日期: September 10th to 24th

Opening hours/开放时间: 10:00am - 7:00pm