Nanxun Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel - Qiu Shu Li


Qiushuli Blossom Hill is located in Nanxun, Huzhou also known as the “Hidden Book Town”. During earlier times in the Republic of China, another renowned building entitled ‘Hidden Book’ was built by the wealthiest person in Nanxun Town Liu Chenggan’s Jiayetang. In 1930, he built another villa and named it “Qiu Shu Li”.

Dariel Studio carefully renovated this ancient building, taking intricate measures to ensure the preservation of its heritage. Inspired by the owner Liu Chenggan’s collecting book of achievements, Dariel Studio chose the design concept “Hidden” and used that sense of bewilderment to reveal the story of Nanxun and Qiushuli village.

Hidden can be portrayed as Liu Chenggan’s achievements in collecting books, but also the subtle beauty of hiding in the gardens in South China Style, and modern desires of hiding in nature and getting rid of the pressure and worries of daily life.

Area:2874 m2

Completion Time:January, 2017

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