Ningbo Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel – Han Ling


Ningbo Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in Hanling village on the south bank of Dongqian Lake. Since ancient times, Hanling has been a transportation hub with flocked merchants and prosperous marketplace. In 1140, Shi Hao, the Prime Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, passed by and wrote a poem: "the landscape of Siming Mountain is different from the rest of the world, and the scenery of the Dongqian Lake is particularly beautiful, inside which there is a village called Hanling filled with sounds of the fishing songs, woodcutting and axes". The bustling atmosphere of that period is evident. Ningbo Blossom Hill Hotel grew out of a wood-structured shop building with a history of one hundred years. Following the principle of renovating the old house as the original, Dariel studio keeps its original architectural style and historical texture to the greatest extent.

Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel built by the lakeside is the first decent hotel in Hanling. By adhering to the localization design principle maintained in Blossom Hill, Dariel Studio combines the unique landscape with the culture elements of this ancient village to reproduce the life scene of the old street as before. Albeit a new resident of Hanling, features of Hanling can be found everywhere in Blossom Hill.

Area: 5968 m2

Completion Time: December, 2019

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