These Neobio Family Parks designed by Dariel Studio are located in Changsha and Suzhou. Thomas Dariel, founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, has been designated to work on these projects. Both parks share the same design concept – the dream. with a lively dance of colours and shapes, Dariel Studio created these incredible places where dreams become real.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen it touched. They are felt with the heart” - the little prince.

Like in a dream, we are in a spaceless and timeless place where reality and fantasy mix together. No limits or borders, only our imagination running wild.

The whole park was set up with multiple function areas, reception, shoes area, the library, the castle, restaurant, and the party room. A lively dance of colors and shapes, Neobio is an incredible place where dreams become real.

Area: Changsha store 3000 m2, Suzhou store 3400m2

Completion Time: September 2021

Photo credit: 榫卯建筑摄影, Derryck Menere