The Villa 621


Dariel Studio opens the doors of its new office nested in an elegant old Shanghainese style building - the Villa 621 on Changde Road.

The four-story building layout is typical of old Shanghainese buildings, featuring one room every half floor. Heritage art deco decorative elements were also conserved and fixed to pay homage to the architecture of the 20's.

While keeping and respecting the original character and identity of the house, Thomas Dariel still wanted to transform the existing building into a functional and bright office space. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors have replaced the previous heavy wooden doors allowing natural light to be well diffused into the whole space, warm and vivid colors have been used to bring modernity as well as to divide the building into functional areas, pale-tone wooden floor and stainless steel oversized mirrors have been installed to brighten up to staircase, etc.