Shanghai Loft


The latest luxury residential project designed by Dariel Studio is located in the downtown of Shanghai. Thomas Dariel, founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, has been designated to work on the entire space, re-thinking the structure, improving the original distribution and imagining the general feeling of this loft, with the aim to make an arty and sophisticated space.

Taking into consideration the client’s age, personality and lifestyle, Dariel Studio has created a modern home, well equipped for a comfortable daily life, and complete of everything needed to host exclusive parties and entertain important guests.

The interior design of the whole space takes inspiration from a blend of modern European tendencies and Art-Deco reminiscences, combining a delicate color palette with visionary yet gentle shapes and volumes. The result, made precious by countless cultured citations, shows elegant colors and rich materials, managing to reach a unique aesthetic.

Taking into account the owner’s personal needs, Thomas Dariel has worked on the 3 floors of the loft, setting up public and private functions through a very close dialogue with the client: the first floor, with its indoor and outdoor spaces, has been designed specifically for the functionalities of daily life, whilst the second floor is exclusively laid out to accommodate the owner’s privacy.  Finally, the basement floor, with its double height space, is designed to accommodate social gatherings and parties with guests.

Area: 700 m2

Completion Time: May, 2021