Xi'an Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in Chang'an City, who boasts the reputation of "the ancient capital of thirteen Dynasties". The hotel is adjacent to the Lotus palace of the Tang Dynas-ty. As a royal garden that once showed the style of the glorious period of the Tang Dynasty, it is also a place where the royal nobles, literati and civilians gathered together to travel. Its cross-cultural richness, even after such a long time, still vibrates. With such unique and strong regional characteristics, Dariel Studio merges new trends and ancient charms and achieves to design a bridge through time, offering guests a pleasant journey back to the Tang Dynasty.

Area: 2600 m2

Completion Time: June, 2020

Ningbo Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in Hanling village on the south bank of Dongqian Lake. Since ancient times, Hanling has been a transportation hub with flocked merchants and prosperous marketplace. In 1140, Shi Hao, the Prime Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, passed by and wrote a poem: "the landscape of Siming Mountain is different from the rest of the world, and the scenery of the Dongqian Lake is particularly beautiful, inside which there is a village called Hanling filled with sounds of the fishing songs, woodcutting and axes". The bustling atmosphere of that period is evident. Ningbo Blossom Hill Hotel grew out of a wood-structured shop building with a history of one hundred years. Following the principle of renovating the old house as the original, Dariel studio keeps its original architectural style and historical texture to the greatest extent.

Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel built by the lakeside is the first decent hotel in Hanling. By adhering to the localization design principle maintained in Blossom Hill, Dariel Studio combines the unique landscape with the culture elements of this ancient village to reproduce the life scene of the old street as before. Albeit a new resident of Hanling, features of Hanling can be found everywhere in Blossom Hill.

Area: 5968 m2

Completion Time: December, 2019

Known for providing upscale, eclectically creative Asian cuisine, Lady Bund restaurant and lounge was recently renovated into a luxurious and exclusive club hosted in the upscale Bund 22 building.

Following their original collaboration with Thomas Dariel in 2014, the owners of Lady Bund were completely taken by the French designer’s tasteful, yet unconventional blending of both Chinese and French cultures in the restaurant’s design. Without hesitation, they invited him back for their latest renovation endeavour.

Area:680 m2

Complete Time:December, 2017

Qiushuli Blossom Hill is located in Nanxun, Huzhou also known as the “Hidden Book Town”. During earlier times in the Republic of China, another renowned building entitled ‘Hidden Book’ was built by the wealthiest person in Nanxun Town Liu Chenggan’s Jiayetang. In 1930, he built another villa and named it “Qiu Shu Li”.

Dariel Studio carefully renovated this ancient building, taking intricate measures to ensure the preservation of its heritage. Inspired by the owner Liu Chenggan’s collecting book of achievements, Dariel Studio chose the design concept “Hidden” and used that sense of bewilderment to reveal the story of Nanxun and Qiushuli village.

Hidden can be portrayed as Liu Chenggan’s achievements in collecting books, but also the subtle beauty of hiding in the gardens in South China Style, and modern desires of hiding in nature and getting rid of the pressure and worries of daily life.

Area:2874 m2

Completion Time:January, 2017

Lady Bund shines the light on a new dining experience. Eagerly awaited newcomer on the glamorous Bund Scene, the Asian-fusion restaurant is beautifully set on the 4th floor of Bund 22, a well-preserved building with more than 100-year history standing at the southern end of Zhongshan Road. Built in 1906 in the “Electric Architecture style,” Bund 22 is the only Century-old red-brick building on the bund, a new landmark standing out as an elegant lady in a red dress.

As the building itself harmoniously blends western architecture with Chinese culture, the owners wanted Lady Bund to be a worthy representative of East-West fusion. They therefore invited Thomas Dariel, Shanghai-based French designer, for his well-known talent to bridge and play with both cultures while being firmly contemporary.

Area: 1200㎡

Completion Time: November, 2014

Located within the Worker Stadium arena in the vibrant Sanlitun district, The Mix Club does not need to be introduced anymore. After hip-hop hit Beijing, this very popular dance club quickly threw its hat into the clubbing ring, becoming a well-known stop for worldwide hip-hop DJ and being considered since as the best party scene in Beijing.

Dariel Studio has been commissioned to design and renovate this true local Institution, starting by the underground part of the nightclub - known by the inner circle ones as (Re)Mix.

Area: 1500 m2

Completion Time: September, 2013

Beijing - China

Surprising is the matter and it may be found allover. Up to the toilets. Known in nightclubs to be dark and gloomy, they are here bright and shiny, an escape route below the blue sky, far so very far from the heavily polluted Beijing atmosphere.

Dariel Studio has renovated and transformed three old separate Ming Dynasty-style buildings into a heritage 20-room hotel, the Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel, which is located in the water town of Zhouzhuang, 1,5 hour away from Shanghai.

The building was formerly divided into 4 parts, a Museum, a Tea House, a Guesthouse and the last part was abandoned. The hotel renovation aims to restore the initial spatial unity of the building and preserve the splendid architectural heritage.

Area: 2500 m2

Completion date: May 2012

Kartel is a three-story lounge bar located in the former Shanghai French Concession. The neighborhood is a pleasant mix of residential and retail areas, Chinese and European style architecture, international restaurants and tiny stalls, wide tree lined streets and traditional lanes… a perfect combination of what constitutes the city today.

With a concept of“Destroy Chic”, the designer Thomas Dariel wanted with Kartel to play with these contrasts, to be elegant yet provoking in this very heritage district.

12 Chairs is a new premium dining concept by David Laris where private parties can choose from menus ranging from the elegant to the extravagant. It is named out of the 12 chairs surrounding the monumental saddle-stitched black leather table.