These Neobio Family Parks designed by Dariel Studio are located in Changsha and Suzhou. Thomas Dariel, founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, has been designated to work on these projects. Both parks share the same design concept – the dream. with a lively dance of colours and shapes, Dariel Studio created these incredible places where dreams become real.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen it touched. They are felt with the heart” - the little prince.

Like in a dream, we are in a spaceless and timeless place where reality and fantasy mix together. No limits or borders, only our imagination running wild.

The whole park was set up with multiple function areas, reception, shoes area, the library, the castle, restaurant, and the party room. A lively dance of colors and shapes, Neobio is an incredible place where dreams become real.

Area: Changsha store 3000 m2, Suzhou store 3400m2

Completion Time: September 2021

Photo credit: 榫卯建筑摄影, Derryck Menere

Vanke is well known as one of the leading real estate Chinese group. Today, Vanke is in the transition process from building residential projects to creating and developing commercial project adapted to cities. Dariel Studio has been hired to design its showroom - located in Vanke’s Shanghai headquarters – with the main purpose of stating and promoting their multi-functional commercial projects.

Area:900 m2

Completion Time: February, 2014

Prime Fitness is a newly opened VIP personal training studio located in the heart of the French Concession. Providing an elegant and comfortable environment, Prime is a uniquely balanced facility designed to provide ruthlessly effective training in a five star environment. Focusing on one-to-one customized training, Prime offers its members the best recipe for getting in and maintaining physical condition by combining its rigorous training methodologies with the best nutritional products in the market.

The design concept, created by Dariel Studio, has been developed to support and strengthen the key values of this one-of-a-kind fitness center. Different from most of the commercial gyms, Prime freed itself from the latest exercise machines to come back to basics by focusing on primal movement patterns. The design has been conceived to reflect this simple scheme, conveying natural feelings while paying homage to the human body.

Aera: 70 SQM

Completion Date: January 2013