Shylight is a light hidden in a cocoon inspired by the behavior of flora in nature. Shylight unfolds its blossom by a system of springs, creating the form once out of the cocoon. Gravity lets it slight down and a motor controls the upward movement. The light consists of many layers of silk kept apart by the polished RVS. The pattern is stitched in such a structure that it dances with every movement. The brightness and speed of the movement are fully programmable, making them able to dance on a particular music piece.

Shylight falls out of its ‘cocoon’, opens its petals and floats down to show all its splendor. At the slightest danger it flips shut and retreats into his shell. Like a flower depending on the environment, weather and time of day, the flower will show it's emotions of full regalia, fragrant and screaming at fertilization or closed, waiting for the sun and hiding itself from nature’s elements. In this behavior you see all possible expressions of our human emotions.

Made by: Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta and Jozeph Hendricks

Materials: Aluminium, polished stainless steel, silk, LED's, robotics

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