Delphine Moreau is the General Manager and Partner of Dariel Studio.

Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies with a major in international affairs, she completed her education by a Master Degree in project management for the creative industry.

After five years working for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she set up a private organization dedicated to the improvement of the creative mobility in Europe and providing legal, financial and administrative services to hosting structures and professionals of all creative fields. During her ten years working experience in Paris and while running operations, she always kept a foot in the creation itself by managing artists-in-residence programs and curating visual arts exhibitions.

She moved to China end of 2008 where she started her collaboration with Thomas Dariel. Since then and animated by her passion for design, she runs the interior design studio where her expertise is in service of creativity.

Shiwei obtained his master degree in Marketing Management and Communication in ESC Toulouse, France. With strong passion in design, Shiwei started his professional career in interior design project management for real estate groups and also branding & strategy for international companies.

He really believes in the importance of the relationship between commercial operation and design creativity, always keeping an eye on the market and clients’ needs.

His professional background includes design management in luxury residences, hotels, luxury retail and other commercial projects.

Key Projects: Blossom Hill, Hyatt, China Resources, Pudong Penthouse, Lake Villa Loft, Balmain, Pierre et Vacances, Absorba, Neobio.

Driven by insatiable curiosity, Marco is a competent and versatile designer and team leader. His love for interior design was born in Milan, the cradle of Italian art and fashion.

His passion to discover new cultural frontiers led him to travel the world and settle down in China. Marco’s cosmopolitan design is the balanced mix of European and Asian influences.

Key Projects: Wieden + Kennedy, Lady Bund, Pudong Penthouse, Lake Villa Loft, Balmain, Pierre et Vacances, Hyatt Hotels, Neobio.

French designer, Caroline Magand began her career in Asia in 2012. Over the years, she gained an extensive experience in all the interior design fields (hospitality, residential, retail…) and team managing. Her inspiration comes from the international environment she professionally grown in: the “mix and match” of different culture and her passion for travelling shaped her way to design.

Key Projects: Club Med Hotels , Hyatt Hotels, Blossom Hill Hotels, Vanke, China Resources, Pudong Fortune Apartment, Lady Bund, Absorba.

Graduated from Jing university with a bachelor degree in Design and Art, Sarah has over 10 years working experience in interior design and project managing. As a project manager with design experience to manager the project. She believes that the success of every project lies in the balance between creativity and discipline.

Key Projects: Blossom Hill Hotels , Club Med Hotels, Vanke, Luxe Lake, Pudong Fortune Apartment, Neobio.

Lingyun has been working in the design industry for over 7 years: his interior and product design background combined with his great experience in construction, make him one of the most complete professional figure in our company.

Italian architect and interior designer, Giovanni has a long working experience in Europe and Asia. He believes that details can make a good idea become a masterpiece. As an Architect he loves solid and stable shapes, pure and elegant solutions, in which even the smallest element reflects the general concept.

Key Projects: Lake Villa Loft, Hyatt Hotels.

Passionate and tireless, Leon is a skillful project manager. His deep design knowledge and his team spirits are the keys that lead every project to success.

Discover, appreciate and re-interpret the beauty of life is her ultimate pursuit of being a designer. Her curiosity leads her to seek for a new challenge everyday: for Martina every project is an exciting adventure.

Key Projects: Neobio, Vanke.

Out of great passion for interior design, Sophie has joined Dariel Studio / Maison Dada since 2019. She believes in that interior design is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth appreciating by all.