Maison Dada 自豪地宣布第一个中国展厅正式开放。位于建筑风格优美的静安心脏地段,这个展厅将展出由Thomas Dariel设计的高端家具,灯具以及家居饰品系列,同时也会推出由中国新锐设计师与Maison Dada合作的多款设计。


Maison Dada 是由Thomas Dariel 和Delphine Moreau创立的家具、灯饰和家居饰品品牌。

Maison Dada 的诞生仿佛一部狂想曲。它代表着设计师将达达主义融入生活的期望,从日常事物中挖掘内在表现力的创想,既是对梦想与现实之间找寻平衡点的探索,也是一种心灵的冥想状态。

作为Maison Dada 揭幕系列的设计师,Thomas Dariel也是该品牌的首席设计师,同时展厅也由他本人亲自操刀设计完成。Maison Dada 旨在吸收更多优秀设计,与设计同行展开对话,推动实现年轻设计师的作品。借开幕之际,我们荣幸地宣布: Yuue Design 和 WUU 两个极富有才华的设计工作室将会入驻我们的设计家族。

这是 Maison Dada 自去年发布品牌后迈出的新一步。展厅的开放不仅为满足客户需求,而且未来将会推出更多合作设计系列,敬请期待。



Maison Dada is proud to announce the opening of its first showroom.

Hosted in a beautiful house in the heart of Shanghai Jingan District, the showroom will feature furniture, lighting and accessories from signature collections designed by Thomas Dariel, as well as pieces created by talented young Chinese designers.

Launched one year to the day ago, Maison Dada is indeed taking a new step forward. While opening a dedicated retail space for its now growing customers, Maison Dada is also debuting new collaborations for future collections to be soon revealed.

Maison Dada is a Maison d’édition of furniture, lighting and accessories founded by Thomas Dariel and Delphine Moreau. Maison Dada was born out of a wild dream. It is a desire to inject a dose of Dadaism into our everyday life. An ambition to create the unexpected from ordinary objects. A will to harmonize dreams and reality. Dada is a state of mind.

Maison Dada first collections have been imagined and designed by Thomas Dariel, who will of course, as leading Designer behind the brand, pursue his creations. Yet Maison Dada purpose is also to open the dialogue with its pairs, to promote the work of young designers and edit their pieces.


上海 静安区 常德路621号


N 621 Changde Road 

Mon – Fri

10 am – 7 pm