Dunmai Office


This project is an office space nested in an old motorcycle factory. It is located in the creative plaza on the South of the Bund, a place that serves as a remembrance to the familiar stories about old Shanghai. The Shanghainese old docks, the tide of the Huangpu River, and the whistles from ships in the morning also acknowledge the nostalgic feeling of the city's ancient past. This location is not only the continuation of the old Bund's elegance and historical prosperity, but also serves as a connection to the newly developed business districts.

After considering all the requests and specificities of the client, a company from Macao organizing creative events, Thomas Dariel decided to construct the office into a pleasurable, relaxing and modern place that reflects the company's dynamism and creativity as well as serving their professional needs. This kind of atmosphere fits to a creative space as well as being functional by using high-tech products.

Press release (PDF)