The latest office project designed by Dariel Studio is located in the downtown of Shanghai. Thomas Dariel, founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, has been designated to work on the entire space, transforming the original space which boosts brilliant sunshine and an outstanding city perspective, into a stylish, simple, yet comfortable and cosy working space for Liquid Group, an integrated advertising agency.

The design of this office is inspired by the concept of Biomimicry, which is the design and production of materials, systems and technologies based on the solutions that the natural world adopts. In this case, the designer is inspired by “Roots”, “Fungi”, “Coral”, “Succulents”, and interprets their natural systems with design language, to represent the infinite evolution of creativity. In accordance to the flow, the designer naturally arranged this floor of 1200 sqm into 4 main sections, including 4 working hubs, 1 reception, 8 meeting rooms, 1 townhall and 1 pantry.

Widely used wood and white tone, the designer chose low saturation colours to distinguish the sections, and dotted the space with delightful colours to bring out the natural touch of the design. The designer also skillfully paired wood and metal together to boosts the dynamism, also to reduce the weighty sensation and create more space to breathe.

Area: 1200 sqm

Completion Time: July 2021

Photo credit: Derryck Menere

Press release (PDF)