Boutique hotels
31 March 2017
Nanxun Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel - Qiu Shu Li

Qiushuli Blossom Hill is located in Nanxun, Huzhou also known as the “Hidden Book Town”. During earlier times in the Republic of China, another renowned building entitled ‘Hidden Book’ was built by the wealthiest person in Nanxun Town Liu Chenggan’s Jiayetang. In 1930, he built another villa and named it “Qiu Shu Li”. Dariel Studio […]

17 March 2017
Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Office

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, a creativity driven advertising agency, advocates design and innovation and delivers cutting edge works for their clientele. Thomas Dariel, the principal designer and founder of Dariel Studio was entrusted with redesigning the entire space, and succeeded in creating an ideal working environment for the W+K team by combining existing features of the space […]

20 September 2016
Shenzhen Penthouse

The Yinhu Lanshan residential compound is perfectly located in the heart of Shenzhen and nested in a beautifully landscaped garden. The design of its top floor luxury penthouse has been entrusted to Thomas Dariel, the well-known French Designer behind the Shanghai-based agency Dariel Studio. The design of the penthouse pays homage to the Art-Deco movement, […]

16 February 2016
One Day In Paris

Dariel Studio has chosen Paris, city of art and culture to realise its first French residential project. Located in the heart of the capital in the 4th district Boulevard Morlan. Thomas Dariel, the studio’s founder and leading designer has created a universe around the Parisian elegance and grace while adding a touch of surrealism, playfulness […]

2 February 2016
Cache-Cache Concept Store

Cache-cache new concept store opened in January 2016 in Shanghai. Collaboration between the french  fashion brand and Dariel Studio, the Global Harbor store is the first step of a new generation of Cache-cache stores throughout China.

1 December 2014
Lady Bund on 22

Lady Bund shines the light on a new dining experience. Eagerly awaited newcomer on the glamorous Bund Scene, the Asian-fusion restaurant is beautifully set on the 4th floor of Bund 22, a well-preserved building with more than 100-year history standing at the southern end of Zhongshan Road. Built in 1906 in the “Electric Architecture style,” […]

3 November 2014
Baccarat House Shanghai

To celebrate its 250th anniversary, Baccarat, the most famous French crystal brand, wanted with their showroom to write a new Chinese chapter in their legendary history. To pay homage to their incomparable heritage while revealing a new image to the Chinese market, they invited Thomas DARIEL, the talented Shanghai-based French designer, to imagine their new […]

22 September 2014
Mazarine Asia Pacific Shanghai Office

Thomas Dariel developed an ideal aesthetic for the new Shanghai office of Mazarine Asia Pacific (a joint venture between Mazarine Group, Trimaran Capital and La Mode en Images), combining industrial loft aesthetic with pure Bauhaus details. Located in the heart of the French concession, the space is hidden in a modern courtyard that reflectsintellectual quietude […]

11 June 2014
Beijing Fantasy

The last on-to-date residential project designed by Dariel Studio is a truly modern fantasy. Located in the vibrant Sanlitun area, this 1500 sqm apartment features an extra-ordinary décor that pays homage to the client's eccentric personality. 12 apartments spread over the two last floors of the building have been reunited to give shape to the […]

23 April 2014
The Villa 621

Dariel Studio opens the doors of its new office nested in an elegant old Shanghainese style building - the Villa 621 on Changde Road. The four-story building layout is typical of old Shanghainese buildings, featuring one room every half floor. Heritage art deco decorative elements were also conserved and fixed to pay homage to the […]