Boutique hotels
20 March 2012
Kartel Wine Lounge

Kartel is a three-story lounge bar located in the former Shanghai French Concession. The neighborhood is a pleasant mix of residential and retail areas, Chinese and European style architecture, international restaurants and tiny stalls, wide tree lined streets and traditional lanes… a perfect combination of what constitutes the city today. With a concept of“Destroy Chic”, […]

19 March 2012
12 Chairs

12 Chairs is a new premium dining concept by David Laris where private parties can choose from menus ranging from the elegant to the extravagant. It is named out of the 12 chairs surrounding the monumental saddle-stitched black leather table.

18 March 2012

Perched on the third floor of a prominent, traditionally-styled building in Sinan Mansions, Yucca is a swanky Mexican lounge featuring modern chic atmosphere and eye-catching décor with a mismatch of styles and colors. It was awarded “Restaurant of the Year”.

16 March 2012

Shanghai – China A gothic-inspired yet fashionable and artistic nightclub on the South Bund.

15 March 2012
The Fat Olive

The Fat Olive invites the feel of a Greek home. Inspired by rustic European market towns, this restaurant by David Laris is designed as a casual-chic space aimed at comfort and relaxation.

13 March 2012
The Funky Chicken

The Funky Chicken, inspired by cartoons and wry wit, brings chic humor to fast food roast chicken, an original idea by David Laris first located in the Sinan Mansions and now spreading over the whole city.

9 March 2012
The Purple Onion

Conceptualized by the internationally renowned Chef David Laris, Purple Onion has been directly inspired from the French Bistrot and Italian Trattoria. The Design features all the codes of these typical spaces yet deepening, sharpening and reinterpreting their usual characteristics. For instance, like the Bistrot is the homelike and popular kinds of place where you can […]

8 March 2012
Imagine China Creative Office

For this project, we had to consider the specificity of the client, Imagine China, which is a leading photo agency in China, producing and syndicating features and photos for both of the international and local markets.  Representing the largest network of Chinese photographers located in all regions and provinces of China, their new office have […]